Pure Luxury Scents

Buff is a sensory collection of the purest luxury scents, a delicate hand blend of the highest quality essential oils to delight the olfactory senses and stimulate the body and mind in unison for overall wellbeing. Each pure blend forms part of an essential everyday ritual: from waking up, to exercising, sleep, nurture and seduction and just being, we’ve created six scents that celebrate and enhance each moment of our everyday.

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UP - Embrace each day

The perfect wake-me-up Morning Blend with Pure Essential Oils of stimulating Lemon Eucalyptus, refreshing and feel-good Spearmint, mind focusing Rosemary & grounding Cedarwood. Made for anyone who needs a kick start to the day, this is all about lifting spirits and creating a little morning ritual that makes you smile, ready to face whatever the day has to offer.


BODY - Harness clean energy / Harness the power

The perfect Post Workout Blend with Pure Essential Oils of cleansing Cypress, detoxifying Juniper Berry, muscle-soothing Lavender & toning Cedarwood. Made for real freshness after exercise while retaining that good-feeling glow of a great workout.


NUIT - Welcome the ritual of rest

The perfect Evening blend with Pure Essential Oils of gently uplifting Bergamot, warming Ginger, skin conditioning Palma Rosa, sleep-inducing Patchouli and soothing Sandalwood. Made for creating a moment of peace at the end of the day, to feel cocooned and protected from the rest of the world.


NAKED - Love yourself, cherish another

The perfect Lovers’ Blend with Pure Essential Oils of tension-relieving Clary Sage, sensual Rosewood, seductive Ylang Ylang & soothing Sandalwood. Made to make you feel wonderful, whether you’re with another or not.


 MAMA - Soothe your soul / Restore balance

The perfect Gentle Blend with Pure Essential Oils of anxiety-soothing Mandarin, relaxing Lavender and a tiny splash of comforting Frankincense. Made for mums to be, new mums, tired mums and all those who deserve some gentle nurturing.


BE - I am calm, strong, centred and peaceful.

We are gently excited about our new range which after much careful consideration and meditation, we’ve named BUFF BE.

Made with a blend of Mandarin, Cardamon, Ylang Ylang and Cedarwood this is a blissfully mindful creation, made to help quell anxiety, put our minds at ease and let us flow into the here and now.